The MCUXpresso Ecosystem: Enabling Your Designs With Core Technologies, Software and Tools

The MCUXpresso Ecosystem: Enabling Your Designs With Core Technologies, Software and Tools

NXP understands the development lifecycle of embedded design, and we know that developers need free software peripheral drivers that are production-grade and delivered with relevant example code. We also know that off-the-shelf middleware is a must, and that these enabling software elements help you expedite development, giving you more time to design for product differentiation.

So, how does NXP answer these development software needs? With MCUXpresso software and tools, our cohesive suite of software and tools technologies designed to make your development simpler and faster.

MCUXpresso – Core Software Technologies

Since its GA release in March of 2017, we have continuously looked for ways to build upon our core software technologies – the MCUXpresso SDK, IDE and Config Tools.

With the most recent release of MCUXpresso software and tools in December 2019, NXP has added a new MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool, designed to enable easy key and certificate management along with secure provisioning at the factory. This complements the other core elements of the MCUXpresso ecosystem:

  • MCUXpresso IDE is an easy-to-use integrated development environment for creating, building, debugging and optimizing your application. With more than 100,000 downloads, this Eclipse-based IDE continues to bring a simplified development experience to life for designing with our MCUs.
  • Packed with middleware options and example code, you can configure a custom MCUXpresso SDK based on your product selections and needs. This open source software development kit is built with your interests in mind, quite literally.
  • When it’s time to move to your own hardware platform, look no further than the MCUXpresso Config Tools to help you with your system configuration needs, including pins, clocks and peripherals tools to speed your time to market.

These MCUXpresso core software technologies are designed with your needs in mind, and we are eager to continue growing and improving these core offerings as your needs evolve and grow.

Watch this video for a brief overview of MCUXpresso Software and Tools.

MCUXpresso – Enabling Software Technologies

With the recent releases of MCUXpresso SDK, we have also included a wide range of enabling software technology (i.e. middleware) from both NXP and our partners – including wired and wireless communication stacks, cloud connectivity, motor control, machine learning and graphics. This integrated middleware is especially important when open source solutions aren’t available, so NXP has worked closely with third party partners to deliver an integrated set of middleware for these applications within the MCUXpresso SDK for easy evaluation.

If you’re looking to design an application that requires a professional GUI or needs CAN communications, look no further than the MCUXpresso SDK, which includes evaluation versions of leading graphics solutions from Crank Software and TARA Systems, and an evaluation version of Embedded Systems Academy (EmSA) Micro CANopen stack. All of these partner libraries are fully integrated into the SDK. A simple check box selection when you’re building your SDK is all you need to do to get the middleware added. Better yet, no special migration to a different build setup is required once you’ve decided to move beyond evaluation software and purchase the partner software.

MCUXpresso – Enabling Tools Technologies

The suite of MCUXpresso software and tools includes the MCUXpresso IDE, but no need to move away from your preferred IDE, whether its from IAR, Keil, or based on GCC and makefiles; MCUXpresso SDK includes project files for all of these options. A similar range of choices applies to debug probes, where MCUXpresso IDE offers the same plug-and-play experience SEGGER J-link and P&E micro probes as it does with NXP’s own high performance probes not only for standard debug but also SWO trace and profiling, and ITM-based standard I/O.




We hope you find these new enabling software and tools technologies offered as part of our MCUXpresso software and tools to be highly useful in your product development cycle. As always, we are interested in your development needs and will continue to seek new and improved offerings to make your product development simpler and faster.

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Brendon Slade
Brendon Slade
Brendon Slade is the Director of the general purpose MCU Ecosystem team. He has more than 25 years of experience in the DSP and microcontroller industry where he has held design, applications and technical marketing roles serving industrial, mobile, automotive, voice communications and audio processing markets. His team focuses on enablement of NXP’s Arm® Cortex®-M based MCUs, working with partners and NXP’s internal software teams to define and deliver complementary development tool and software solutions. A graduate of the University of Plymouth, UK, he lives in Sunnyvale, California and holds patents in debug technology.

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