Is the future bright for PFOEs?

Google_Glass_detailYou eat organic food, wear hemp clothes and maybe you drink Kombucha tea but are you ready for wearable devices powered by printed, flexible and organic electronic sensors (PFOEs)?  IEEE Spectrum recently posted an article on interesting PFOE market analysis from Lux Research. According to the research from Lux, the potential market for PFOEs is projected to be $244 million in 10 years.

As power consumption and waste take an increasingly prominent role in the discussion around electronic devices, developers are looking for new approaches to sensor technology.  According to Jeremy Hsu’s article, PFOE’s offer interesting sensor alternatives for a variety of existing and emerging technologies that are making their way to the consumer stage.

Hsu reports that the first in line to benefit from PFOE sensor technology will likely be the devices used by fitness enthusiasts as well as those that monitor vital signs to assist in health monitoring.  The potential of future applications include a vast of lineup of IoT applications from healthcare to automotive to the smart packaging of consumer goods.

What are your thoughts on the PFOEs, is the potential as strong as Lux reports?

Contributed by Freescale Staff

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