World’s smallest single chip system module

imx6QDBringing an idea to market is tough.  Finding the right mix of discrete board solutions, integrating and designing hardware, and validating performance can require months of costly engineering time. Draining company resources, coupled with revenue goals, can cause even the best ideas to fail. Sound all too familiar?

That’s why our engineering team announced a new portfolio of Freescale products called the Single Chip System Modules (SCM). These are a suite of highly integrated system solutions in an ultra-small form factor. The first member of this portfolio, the Freescale SCM-i.MX 6Dual, reduces time to market by 25% over discrete solutions by integrating the i.MX 6Dual applications processor, PF0100 (PMIC) for power management, 16 MB SPI NOR, over a hundred discrete components, and is enabled for 1 or 2 GB LPDDR2. All of this is tightly packaged in an Android and Linux enabled BSP the size of a dime (17x14x1.7 mm).

That may just seem like a whole lot of acronyms, but to put it into perspective, check out the PCB space reduction achieved by the SCM-i.MX6D. Can you imagine how fast a first generation could get to market? Or what new features you could fit in all of that space for the second generation?

Beyond just getting you to market first, we also want to help keep you there. The SCM-i.MX 6D is enabled with the standard i.MX 6D security features (High Assurance Boot, cryptographic cipher engines, random number generator, and tamper detection) as well as enhanced system level tamper prevention. These features, coupled with the continued product support offered through our ecosystem partners, strive to keep your systems secure and at optimal functionality. This means a simpler supply chain, community support network, partners for PoP assembly, software enablement, and hardware design help.

Our goal with the SCM was to take care of the backend design work, and enable our partners to bring their ideas into reality. From wearables to home automation systems, the possibilities for application are endless. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Let’s get to work. Learn more:

Navjot Chhabra is system design and business development manager at Freescale

Navjot Chhabra
Navjot Chhabra
A 25-year semiconductor industry veteran, Navjot Chhabra's expertise spans front end manufacturing to process integration to product strategy. As manager of the system solution organization, he recently launched a new family of embedded systems - single-chip system modules. When he's not working closely with customers to ensure system design and software enablement meet their neefs, he's spending time with his kids. He grew up in Africa and England -- and he loves to travel, scuba dive and ski.

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