Remote-control airplanes: from toys to high-tech systems

Remote-control airplanes: from toys to high-tech systems

Remote controlled airplanes can hardly be seen as the toys they once were. With weights up to hundreds of kilograms, nitro- and jet-engines, and speeds of over 250 miles an hour these planes are pure high-tech. Moreover, remotely controlled planes also have to be equipped with the most precise and reliable wireless communication technologies, to guarantee connection to its own controller only, and for the safety of spectators and the high end material.

Without advanced mixed-signal chips as delivered by semiconductor companies like NXP these high tech machines would never go air-bound. Chips are applied for power management, high-speed wireless communication, bus-networks, multi-antenna receivers, advanced jet-engine motor management, sensors, data loggers, camera- and display technologies and much more.

To further increase safety levels, new semiconductor technologies are expected to be introduced soon. Chips originally developed for car-to-car communication will probably be applied too, as well as gyros to enhance stability of flight controls, GPS receivers to avoid entering no-flight zones, and encryption of the wireless communication.

Check out the spectacular video to see what today’s semiconductors enable in remote controlled airplanes.

Have a safe flight, with NXP

Did you know that mixed-signal chips are being used in remote controlled airplanes? Check out the video to find out why these toys are high-tech systems. NXP Semiconductors

Posted by NXP Semiconductors on Thursday, December 8, 2016

René Jansen
René Jansen
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