20 Creative Uses for NFC Technology

NFC technology and tags have been around for a few years now, but for the most part people do not realize the full potential of the technology. The most popular use for the tags is to turn on Bluetooth while in the car, but there are so many other great uses for the tags. Here, NXP shares the 20 best and most creative uses for the technology.

1)    Save Battery

Wifi, Bluetooth, and other external sources can drain your phone’s battery. Place a tag by your bed that is programmed to turn off these battery-draining accessories while you sleep.

2)    As an Alarm

Are you constantly in a battle with your phone’s snooze button? Stick a tag to your coffee machine or in your bathroom so that you’re required to get out of bed to turn it off. Bonus- have a tag programmed to pull up your favorite social media to get updated while you drink your coffee.

3)    Send a Message

Send your loved one a daily “Good Morning” message by programming your NFC tag to do so. Have the tag near your bed so that it’s the first thing you do when you wake up. Get brownie points without having to think about it!

4)    Sleep like a Baby

If you’re a light sleeper, have a tag toggle your phone from vibrate to silent, allowing you a peaceful night’s sleep. In the morning, tap the phone back to the tag to return it to the original settings.

5)    Hit the Gym

Stick a tag to your gym bag to automatically turn your phone in airplane mode so that you’re not interrupted in the middle of a run with phone calls or text messages. Program the tag to also begin playing your favorite workout playlist.

6)    Sell Something

Trying to sell your bike? Find a job as a babysitter? When making your flyers to post to bulletin boards, include a NFC tag that connects to the Ebay site or your Sitter City profile.

7)    Raise Money for a Cause

While you’re out posting flyers, why not raise some money for the cause that you’re passionate about? Having an event for your philanthropy? Include a tag that provides more information about the cause and links to a donation site. Or are you hosting a race or sports event for charity? Along the same lines, have a tag with your flyer that sends people to the registration page.

8)    Make Class Easier

NFC tags can’t necessarily do your work for you, but it can certainly streamline the learning environment. How often do you lose your syllabus or misplace your teacher’s email the day you’re sick? With an NFC tag by the door, the syllabus, contact info, and even links to purchase the books can be downloaded instantly.

9)    Share your Info

Keep a programmed tag in your wallet or purse that allows people to connect to your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media. No longer struggle with searching through 20 different Kevin Smiths to find the one you met. Just a tap, and you’re friends.

10) Quick Dial

Have some contacts that you frequently call while driving? Program some tags that place a call to that specific person. Stick the tag somewhere in your car, and enjoy the ease of being hands free!

11) Don’t Text and Drive

Use a tag to respond to people while driving- program the tag to automatically send a message in response to the last text received that states “I’m driving, text you later,” allowing you to focus on the road.

12) Sync with your Car

As stated in the beginning, syncing Bluetooth with a NFC tag is pretty common knowledge. However, it’s still an awesome ability and worth mentioning. Place a tag in your car that automatically syncs Bluetooth and opens Pandora for a seamless driving experience.

13) Share your Wifi

Instead of sharing your personal password (which is most likely used as a password for other things as well, many people reuse passwords), have a NFC tag that allows your guests to access your Wifi without giving them your password.

14) Lock and Unlock your Door

Lockitron is a smart door lock that can be locked and unlocked with your NFC enabled smartphone. No longer hassle with keys- simply use your phone to access your home. Also, settings allow for certain users to gain access, such as friends or family members.

15) Command like a Jedi

Did you get that NFC enabled lock? Feel like a Jedi master by opening the door just using your fingers- with an NFC enabled ring! The NFC Ring has two different NFC chips; one on the inside for private data, such as the lock, and one on the outside for public sharing, such as Facebook connections or contact information. The NFC Ring also allows for the unlocking of the phone, and triggering other NFC tags and devices!

16) Have the most Tech-Chic Manicure

For DIY tech-lovers, make your own NFC manicure. Take apart a tag, careful to keep the antenna untangled, and place it onto your thumb or pointer finger with a bonding agent and cover the tag with a gel shellac nail polish.  Program the tag to open your phone, or to share your contact information with just a touch.

17) Ditch the Wallet

Payment is starting to go mobile, thanks to NFC technology. Already we’re seeing it being used in contactless cards, but soon even cards themselves will be extinct. NFC enabled phones are able to securely store credit card information and pay for goods by simply tapping the phone on the payment terminal.

18) Learn Something New

NFC enabled smart posters are on trend right now, and certainly will only continue to rise. See a nice pair of sunglasses in an advertisement? Tap your phone to the tag to pull up the website for details and to order them. Or, go above and beyond for a class project by including a tag on your project poster that engages classmates in an interactive learning experience.

19)  Share Photos

Samsung just released its new camera- the NFC enabled NX series. Now you can easily transfer photos from the camera to your phone with just a tap, satisfying the need to instantly upload to social media sites or share with loved ones through email. Have a friend with a NFC enabled phone? Bump your phones to share photos, playlists, or sync for a game.

20) Turn on Electronics

More and more companies are producing NFC enabled devices, such as stereos or gaming devices. Tapping the phone to the device not only turns it on, but syncs your music via Bluetooth and allows for seamless playing. Get that party started!

There is a vast variety of uses for NFC technology. Share your creative uses of NFC tags with us on our Twitter @NXP and #NFCeverywhere

Vanessa Lowe
Vanessa Lowe
Vanessa Lowe has been with NXP for over 5 years, in various marcom and communications roles. She is responsible for Global Sales Communications, as well as on the core team for NXP's social media strategy.

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  1. Avatar DB says:

    Great tips.

    I am still a few years away from being a few years of away in starting my own research and applying what I find.

    The Fire Department I work for was looking for a smarter way to track extinguishers. Reading through your list I am starting to think the uses of NFC would not be practical for what they are trying to apply this tech.

    If you can shed of light it would be greatly appreciated.


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