NXP at Mobile World Congress – Your ticket to a smarter world through NFC

NXP at Mobile World Congress – Your ticket to a smarter world through NFC

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is now less than two weeks away and I’m already dreading the inevitable task of packing my suitcase. I have to be so prepared and think several steps ahead. As well as making sure I have enough clothes, toiletries and electronic devices I’ll need for my trip, I also have to make sure I have the right currency, my boarding pass printed off and all of the public transport tickets I’ll need ready and accessible.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself looking for a non-descript piece of A4 crumpled up in my bag, or rushed for the train because I’ve had to stand at a ticket machine entering an 11 digit code to retrieve my tickets. Wouldn’t it be easier if I could simply pull out my NFC-enabled, MIFARE-compatible smartphone and just tap it onto the reader at the gates and jump onto my bus, plane or train? Even better, I could use the same phone to make all my purchases abroad!

This is the future we’re working hard to enable at NXP through NFC enabled mobile ticketing and payments.  This year marks the 20th anniversary of MIFARE technology – the leading application development platform for contactless solutions pioneered by NXP that has been improving the lives of millions of people across the world.

Key to the city

Over the past decade transport ticketing has become a normal part of life in many major
cities. Sao Paulo, one of the 2014 World Cup cities, has already upgraded its cards to support the more secure MIFARE Plus system which also contains support for future mobile NFC-based tickets.

slider05Transport for London (TfL), the local government body that is responsible the capital’s transport, has already seen over 2.5 million contactless transactions worth £3.5 million on its bus network since it started supporting the technology at the end of 2012. By this summer, TfL hope to remove cash payments on its bus network all together.
This revolution in cashless payments extends beyond transport. Contactless credit and debit cards adoption is on the rise all over the world. Jeremy Wright, Managing Director of Accenture Payment Services, has speculated that cash payments across the board could drop by 40 per cent in the next five years.

One city that is successfully managing to create the seamless link between mobile payments and ticketing is Dubai. Based on NXP’s MIFARE and NFC technologies, The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has deployed its award winning NOL multi-application smart card solution for public transport. RTA’s can be used by Dubai residents for taxis, parking, and shopping. The Dubai ticketing system is made up of a wide range of components that all support NXP´s open architecture MIFARE DESFire platform, including interoperable cards, readers and a complete system for ticketing, parking, access management and NFC mobile services.
In Bangkok, passengers can use their ‘Rabbit Card’ to travel with three different transport operators and, in the near future, this functionality will be available on NFC enabled phones. Even better, Rabbit cards and phones will also work for micropayment and loyalty in coffee shops like Starbucks and fast food outlets like McDonald´s.

Innovations in contactless ticketing and payment technology improving all the time, with NXP at the forefront, so by the time MWC 2020 comes around all I’ll need is my phone and my toothbrush. I wouldn’t even need my house key because my MIFARE technology would operate my door lock.

To learn more about how NXP technology is helping create secure connections for a smarter world, visit us at our stand at Mobile World Congress (Hall 7 Stand 7E30) and arrange a conversation.

Joon Knapen
Joon Knapen
In his role as Corporate Communications Director, Joon is responsible for communicating NXP's vision - ranging from thought leadership, company strategy to products, services and innovations - to external stakeholders.

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