NXP Elevates Its Leadership in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

NXP Elevates Its Leadership in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

NXP showcased cutting edge IoT, industrial and automotive solutions at NXP Connects 2018

NXP announced, at its NXP Connects event in Silicon Valley this week, deeper investments in edge computing machine learning (ML) and AI solutions. The announcements are part of NXP’s continued leadership in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and delivering purpose-built solutions and connections that are critical to future IoT ecosystems.

NXP has focused on developing tools and solutions that is showing the world that most machine learning models can be run on the edge with the existing CPUs.  One of NXP’s many tools includes its new, comprehensive machine learning (ML) environment for building innovative applications with cutting-edge capabilities that enable fast-growing machine learning use-cases in vision, voice, and anomaly detections.

NXP announced it has extended its investment in its trusted Kinetis family of MCUS to support its 25,000 IoT & security customers.  The announcement underscores the company’s commitment to focusing the majority of its R&D investments in building solutions  that can help developers overcome the challenges stifling IoT growth today.

No other company in the world has invested as much in advancing IoT security, connectivity, and performance.  In its keynote address, NXP outlined how their latest announcements are part of its ongoing strategy to advance IoT ecosystems by delivering easy-to-use machine learning and edge computing platforms, bringing mobile security to IoT devices and addressing IoT fragmentation via low-cost, low-power platforms.

Steve Owen, EVP Sales and Marketing with NXP explained, “At NXP, we are combining our unparalleled technology expertise with our R&D investments that are focused on building solutions to address the common challenges that are holding back IOT developers from recognizing the economic value promised by IoT.”

Executives from Google Android Things, Google Cloud IoT and BabbleLabs also discussed the deep learning revolution, the evolution of IoT operating systems and cloud to the edge development opportunities during the keynote address.


About NXP Connects

NXP Connects combines panel discussions, hands-on labs, technical sessions and live demonstrations to showcase some of the industry’s most innovative IoT, industrial and automotive innovations from NXP and its partners.  A major focus for the event has been the edge computing corridor that showcased machine learning and AI in low-cost edge-computing node to create the ultimate edge compute experience in smart home, the industrial IoT and smart home environments.



Tate Tran
Tate Tran
Tate Tran is NXP’s security and IoT public relations manager. She works closely with the company’s product lines and business leaders to share stories about new technologies and innovation that impacts our lives – making it safer, more convenient and enjoyable. After obsessing over what stories are trending in the tech sections of Wall Street Journal and New York Times, she’d obsess over mastering her forehand smash on the ping pong courts. You can find her on Twitter at @TateTran or look her up on LinkedIn.

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