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The latest Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling with regards to device security and user privacy shows that the embedded world is at a critical point, directly before a monumental change. Read the press release to see for yourself why security at the edge is important. The ruling contained many intense and striking qualities. One key take-away is a sharp statement from the FTC: “Manufacturers and sellers of connected devices should be aware that the FTC will hold them to account for failures that expose user data to risk of compromise.”

The Most Comprehensive Edge Computing and Security Platform

As more developers move carefully towards securing their embedded designs, they should consider the aspects of the security technology supplied by NXP’s EdgeVerse™ platform, the most comprehensive edge computing and security platform. NXP’s EdgeVerse platform brings together the building blocks for high-performance and energy-efficient computing through the industry’s broadest portfolio of scalable embedded processing that can power numerous edge applications within the industrial, IoT and automotive markets. From the simplest connected sensors, to the highest performing networking equipment (and even device cloud management), NXP provides solutions across the spectrum of processing and integration points for end-to-end security. NXP Technology Days events across the U.S. have highlighted this technology, as summarized in this presentation. Focusing on the outside limits of the Internet of Things, NXP microcontrollers and crossover MCUs have integrated security capabilities traditionally only realized on advanced application processors. To emphasize these capabilities there is a three-part webinar series around hardware-protected cryptographic keys.

Explore the Implementation of Hardware-protected Keys

Hardware-protected keys are the standard for security protection of embedded designs. For the IoT device, the cryptographic keys used to perform services such as encrypted boot, onboarding and over-the-air updates are critical components that must be protected. The webinar series explores the implementation of hardware-protected keys across NXP products.

  • Part 1: Introduces the challenge of secure system design and different hardware-protected key options and then focuses on the broad-market i.MX RT crossover MCU and software instantiated security
  • Part 2: Overviews the state-of-the-art security integration of the latest LPC microcontroller, the LPC55S6xx with Arm® TrustZone® technology
  • Part 3: Enumerates the essential keys for an IoT design and explains how they are protected using the LPC55S6xx MCU

This webinar series on protected cryptographic key options can be leveraged to align to today’s environment of growing expectations on technology providers.

For more information about NXP’s EdgeVerse portfolio, read our blog or visit:

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Donnie Garcia
Donnie Garcia
Donnie Garcia began his semiconductor career as an applications engineer for 8- and 16-bit MCUs. He has helped define and design low-power MCUs for consumer and industrial applications and currently works as an applications and systems engineer for IoT and Security Solutions. Donnie has authored nearly 20 technical publications (webinars, whitepapers, articles, application notes, engineering bulletins). He spends his weekends enjoying the outdoors around Austin.

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