10 awesome ways to rev up your IoT

10 awesome ways to rev up your IoT

Going from concept into a working prototype isn’t always easy, even under the best of circumstances. When you compound this with the ever-increasing complexity of technology in connected devices (not to mention the churn demands of ever-shorter design cycles), companies are looking for every advantage they can get when it comes to developing new products for the Internet of Things (IoT). Today’s smaller companies in particular are tapping into the rapid growth of IoT and they need tools to help them fast-track new solutions.

That’s why we created the DemoLab – to accelerate product development, and guide you through working demonstrations of NXP technology. The DemoLab offers a public repository for the latest video demos, reference designs, and collateral (e.g., application notes, schematics, white papers) developed by NXP and our third-party partners. You’ll find the guidance you need to incorporate NXP technology into your designs—such as the latest and greatest IoT products.

And DemoLab content isn’t just useful for product development—it’s also relevant to system-level testing. This is especially useful when it comes to something like IoT, where communication between products and interoperability are critical to the function of the infrastructure. This is a benefit to IoT developers, since so many of our different solutions—from nodes to sensors to MCUs to Bluetooth components—need to work together within a single IoT design.

To help you jump in and start exploring, I’ve put together my top 10 awesome ways to rev up IoT designs. These videos reference our latest products for IoT solutions—from industrial, to smart home, to wearables. They show some of the latest and greatest technologies from our portfolio and how you can use them in your products.

  1. Hexi

    Hexiwear is supported with its own application for Android and iOS, so you can connect the device to the cloud straight out of the box, without any additional software development.

    Combining style and functionality, Hexiwear offers an ideal form factor for the wearable market, as well as other edge-node IoT solutions.

  1. Thread Network with Multiple IoT Application Frameworks
    This demo showcases an OpenWRT based Thread Border router running on i.MX6UL for Thread networks (in combination with WiFi, Ethernet and NFC).
  1. Homekit Enabled Chicken Coop with NFC Access
    This is for a HomeKit controlled chicken coop door with NFC chicken identification access control.
  1. Brillo OS and Weave application protocol on i.MX6UL
    Supports air-quality sensing and notification designs for industrial or smart home applications.
  1. LPC43S67-A70CM Cloud Connectivity Kit
    This kit helps designers quickly build cloud-connected products without the need for deep expertise in security, Wi-Fi stacks, device commissioning, and cloud service APIs.
  1. Industry 4.0 Connectivity
    Industry 4.0 connectivity (AKA Industrial IoT) combines the existing high-level network based on Ethernet-type Protocols and access to single-sensor data. 
  1. Secured IoT solutions with NFC
    Offers an IOT gateway reference design for smart home, industrial and city applications.
  1. SDN-Ready enterprise wireless access point solutions
    This offers a reference design for high-performance enterprise access points for Layerscape and QorIQ families.
  1. WaRP7
    WaRP7 is an open source wearable platform backed by the development community, design, and manufacturing capabilities of element14.
  1. KW41Z BLE Bikecloud connected
    This bike-mounted computer collects and communicates speed and cadence performance measurements within a low energy design.

And these are just a small sample of the more than 350 demos currently available to help you get you started and accelerate designs featuring the complete spectrum of NXP technologies.

Explore the full DemoLab resources @ nxp.com/DemoLab



Ed Kroitor
Ed Kroitor
Ed Kroitor has driven integration of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, focusing on platform development and technology to help engineers build solutions for tomorrow. With a decade-long background in microprocessor applications development and support, he helps engineers simplify their design cycle. Ed has an MBA from Vlerick Business School and an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Central Florida.


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    Interesting ! Can you give me more detail?

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    Industry 4.0 is a iinteresting development for me

  5. Avatar Stan WIlson says:

    I have been following NXP concepts for about a year now. I see many applications where you components could be applied to projects we are considering.

    I am on your e-mail list. Do you reps in the St. Louis area?

    Are samples available, if so what is the best way to make requests.

    What is the cost of your DemoLab?

    Thanks, Stan WIlson

  6. Monica Davis Monica Davis says:

    Hi Stan, Thanks for your comment. The DemoLab is free – you can access the demos at http://nxp.com/demolab. We have your email address. Someone on our engineering team will reach out to you about products that interest you, as well as available samples.

  7. Monica Davis Monica Davis says:

    Thanks for your interest. You can see more NXP technology in the Demo Lab at http://nxp.com/demolab. You can also see some of these demos at trade shows NXP is attending (list is at http://nxp.com/events) as well as the Smarter World Tour @ http://iot.nxp.com.

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